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How Does Fly Paper Work?

Fly Paper

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If you are enjoying a hot, summer day and all of the sudden realize your open door was an invitation for all sorts of flying insects, you might be looking into the best fly paper trap to capture them all.

The fruit flies, common flies, or gnats all love to hang around food sources, and our homes are the perfect opportunity to hide, eat and procreate. But, just because these pesky flies find your home likable the feeling is most certainly not mutual.

So, if you want to learn how to get rid of flies in your home and how does fly tape work stay tuned until the end. We have all the answers you are looking for in one detailed guide.

Fly that can be caught on fly paper trap.

What Is a Flypaper?

A fly trap paper is a double-sided sticky tape you can use to capture all of the unwanted flying insects in your home or garden.

The strong adhesive and bright colors attract flies, gnats, and fruit flies, and keep them on the fly paper sheets until you dispose of them. It’s very important to choose high-quality and non-toxic fly paper strips and ensure your home is bug-free for a very long time.

Are Fly Strips Effective?

Yes, sticky flypaper is one of the most effective and easiest ways to manage and capture all the flying pests in your home. While there are many options on the market such as sprays, powders, and luring traps the simple fly glue paper has provided the best results.

People also prefer this solution over others because it’s easy to use and dispose of the flypaper trap once full. This way you don’t have to worry about lures, setting up complicated traps, or constantly monitoring the effectiveness.

How Does Fly Paper Work?

Outdoor and indoor fly paper works with strong glue and bright colors.

Strong and Durable Glue

The fly sticky paper is coated with high-quality glue on both sides, ensuring any insect that lands on the trap stays there. It’s very durable and long-lasting so you don’t have to change the flypaper trap before it’s completely full with flies.

The sturdy structure and UV protection, along with a water-resistant surface allow these traps to be used in the garden and outdoors.

Bright Colors

The bright yellow color serves as a perfect attractant for all the flies in your home, and the interesting and simple design goes perfectly with any décor. Insects invade your home in search of food, and the bright sticky tape will attract them the most, luring them into the perfectly designed trap.

If you are not a fan of bright colors there are some clear glue traps on the market that will efficiently help you with the infestation while remaining discrete. 

Sticky fly paper traps in the garden.

Why Is the Fly Paper So Popular?

With so many options on the market to eliminate bugs and insects from your home, you might be wondering why fly paper is still the number one product people choose. It’s quite simple when you know a few details such as:

Flypaper traps are long-lasting

Dealing with pests and flying insects seems like a constant struggle, and many people choose the solutions that are “set and forget” type traps. This is where durable and long-lasting fly traps come in handy.

All you have to do is remove the protective cover and reveal the glue. The trap will efficiently and constantly capture all the flies until the trap is full.

Fly paper is versatile

Dealing with all the pests at the same time is one of the best features you can count on when using the best sticky fly paper. 

Because the glue is strong and the surface of the trap is wide you will catch various flying insects such as house flies, fungus gnats, fruit flies, and many others.

Fly paper for various flying insects.

Flypaper trap is safe

Unlike many products you can find online to eliminate pests in your home, flypaper is completely toxin and pesticide-free. The strong glue and bright color are all it takes to lure and capture all the insects that might be bothering you.

This way you can be sure that your family, pets, and plants are completely safe while all the bugs are efficiently captured.

Where to Hang Fly Paper?

You might be wondering what is the best place to hang fly strips and the good news is - you really can’t go wrong with the right brands. Considering the sticky fly strips can be used in your home and garden all you have to decide is the best location and method to place them.

Most people like to plant the fly paper tape with specialized stakes beside the houseplants. This is an easy and efficient way to capture all the flies and gnats that hang around your home and even save your plants from those pesky pests.

Best fly paper usually has holes and you can use them to hang the trap in various locations to maximize the effect. With multiple fly traps, you will catch more flying insects and have the bug-free home you are looking for.

Where to Buy Fly Paper?

There are many different fly traps on the market but it’s a good idea to buy your fly glue traps from reputable sites.

It’s very important to be eco-friendly and choose only toxin-free solutions. This way you will eliminate all the pests from your home, but on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and your family’s safety.

So, always choose reliable and reputable sites for any pest-control purchases.

How to Get Rid of Flies for Good?

Now that we are familiar with the concept of fly paper and why it’s one of the best ways to eliminate flies from your home we can extend that list, and add a couple more suggestions. 

To eliminate all the flies from your home you should:

  • Clean your home - remove all the trash and spoiled food that might be attracting the flies in. Also, consider maintaining the outdoors, as well as cleaning the indoors for the best results. A clean home without any strong odors should be less attractive to flying pests.
  • Use screens on doors and windows - We all love to feel the breeze through the house when days are warm, but an open window or door is always the fastest way to invite bugs into your home. And while we can’t be completely protected from flies, you can add screen doors and windows to make it a bit harder for pests to invade your home.
  • Add clear fly paper - In addition to bright and high-quality fly papers, you can always add a few clear glue traps on your windows and other surfaces. This is the best way to capture even more flies but being more discrete. One of the best locations for a clear glue fly trap is above the sink if you have a window there. The bugs are attracted to the garbage disposal and love to hang out in the kitchen, so you can capture all of them there.
Fly before being captured on sticky fly trap.

Final Thoughts

Flying insects and pests might be common, but that doesn’t make them any more desirable in your home. So, if you want to ensure a clean and bug-free home you now have the tools and additional tips and tricks to do so.

Flies, gnats, and other flying insects stand no chance when glued to the high-quality adhesive on eco-friendly traps. They are easy to set up and remove, making them the number one choice of millions of people all across the USA.

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