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How Spider Sticky Traps Work?

EcoPest Supply’s spider traps for home and commercial use are designed for efficiency. Steps to use these traps are as follows:

  • Easily set spider sticky traps by separating along perforated edges and peeling off the adhesive liner.
  • Fold as indicated, placing them in your preferred spots.
  • Regularly check for trapped pests and other debris.

With EcoPest Supply’s sticky spider traps, you've got a safe, eco-conscious way to bid farewell to spiders.Read more

FAQs About Spider Treatment

Are spider glue traps safe to use?

Yes, our Spider Glue Traps are designed to be non-toxic, meaning they do not contain chemicals, and are therefore safe around humans and animals.

Where can I use spider glue traps?

Spider Glue Traps should be placed where spider activity has been detected or where it is suspected. Common locations to place adhesive spider traps include: along baseboards, in corners, on window sills, and under furniture.

How do spider glue traps effectively catch and control spiders?

Spider Glue Traps contain a natural scent that attracts spiders. Once on the trap, the adhesive captures the spiders and they are unable to crawl off.

How many spider glue traps do I need?

The quantity of Spider Glue Traps needed depends on factors such as the severity of the infestation, and the size of the home, office, or other establishment. EcoPest Supply sells Spider Glue Traps in quantities of 12 and 20. It is generally recommended to place a few adhesive traps in various locations per room.

How long do spider glue traps last?

We recommend replacing the traps every 60 days or sooner if the majority of the adhesive area is covered by insects or other debris. The traps are made with strong, long-lasting adhesive, but their effectiveness can diminish after 60 days with dust, lint, or other debris buildup.

Can spider glue traps be used for other insects?

Spider Glue Traps can catch other crawling insects as well. However, it is better to use specialized traps to target various pest species as factors such as scent and adhesive viscosity can differ depending on the target insect species.

Are spider glue traps reusable?

No, we recommend disposing of the glue traps every 60 days or sooner if filled with insects. Be sure to dispose of the traps as directed on the packaging and be cautious not to touch the adhesive directly to avoid skin irritation.

How long can I expect spider glue traps to remain sticky and functional?

This depends on the placement location as well as the severity of the infestation. Generally, it is recommended to replace the Spider Glue Traps at least every 60 days or sooner if the adhesive area is covered with insects or other debris. When placed in areas where dust, lint or other debris is likely to accumulate, we recommend replacing the glue traps more frequently as these factors can diminish the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Why is spider treatment necessary?

Spider treatment is necessary because these pests can multiply quickly and cause numerous issues in homes, offices, and other establishments. While most spiders are harmless, some species can pose threats to humans and animals. Additionally, many individuals are allergic to spider bites or allergens present in spider droppings. These allergies can manifest as skin rashes, itching, swelling, or even more severe symptoms. People with respiratory conditions such as asthma may also experience worsened symptoms if exposed to spider allergens. Effective spider treatment reduces the risk of such adverse effects.

How often should spider treatments be conducted to maintain effectiveness?

Typical pest control programs include quarterly inspections and treatments for insects including spiders. EcoPest Supply’s Spider Glue Traps are meant to be a passive tool to help monitor and mitigate spider infestations and can be used year-around. If an increase in spider activity is noticed, it is advised to contact a pest control service provider. We partner with highly-rated exterminating companies across the United States. To find a preferred partner in your area to get a free quote, visit

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