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How to Find the Best Fungus Gnat Trap?

Best Fungus Gnat Trap

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If you are dealing with flying insects in your home, and you think you might have a gnat infestation, you are probably looking for the best solutions to trap fungus gnats. These pesky insects might be small, but they are very annoying in large numbers and can indicate various problems around your home.

So, if you want to know everything about the fungus gnat and find the most efficient fungus gnats trap keep on reading.

Fungus gnat trap

What Is Fungus Gnat?

Fungus gnats are small, dark flying insects that are considered pests in most of the United States. 

While they might be confused with the fruit flies, their bodies and habits are somewhat different.

Fungus gnat

You will see more fungus gnats around your houseplants, garbage cans, drains, or on rotten fruit given they are attracted by decaying food and soil.

As the name suggests, the fungus gnat also feeds on the fungus growing in your pots, so if you notice a large number of flying insects in your home, you might be overwatering your plants and causing mold build-up that they love.

While most people find fungus gnats simply annoying, they can carry parasites on their feet and kill seedlings or young plants. This is why trapping fungus gnats is very important and managing their numbers can save you a lot of trouble.

But, what is the best fungal gnat trap on the market, and can you make your own homemade solutions such as apple cider vinegar fungus gnats traps? Let’s find out!

How to Trap Fungus Gnats?

Fungus gnats are very resilient pests that seem to always find a way to enter our homes. They are accustomed to living in urban areas and love to hang out in kitchens where the food supply is endless, and around the home, if you have houseplants.

On a positive note, even though gnats have wings they are not good flyers and this is one of the reasons why a simple gnat catcher for plants can be your best defense. 

However, there are a few options to consider when dealing with pests in general, so here are the best ways to catch fungus gnats:

Sticky Gnat Traps for Plants

Fungus fly trap or gnat trap for house plants is one of the best and easiest ways to capture not only gnats but any flying insect that enters your home.

These glue traps or plant gnat traps are designed to attract gnats with bright colors and capture them with strong adhesive. They can easily be placed beside any of your house plants and considering they don’t contain any chemicals or pesticides, they are completely safe.

Fungus gnat plant trap

DIY Fungus Gnat Trap

If you are in the mood for a fungus gnat trap DIY project there are a few options that show the best results. Most people love to lure and catch fungus gnats with apple cider vinegar as these insects are attracted to the fruity and acidic smell.

Here are some of the most popular DIY traps and lures:

Fungus Gnats Vinegar Trap

Fungus gnats love the vinegar smell and consider it a good indicator that rotten fruit might be near. Because they are so attracted to it you can make a fungus gnat trap with vinegar in a small bowl by adding some sugar and liquid dish soap.

Vinegar for gnats

The mixture will lure those pesky flyers but they will be trapped by the liquid and eventually eliminated from the home. This might not be the most elegant solution, but it will work for a while.

You can also make a fungus gnats vinegar spray in a bottle and spray the flying insects around your home to eliminate them.

Vine Fungus Gnats Trap

Just like they are attracted to vinegar, the gnats also love expired and sour vine, so if you have one at hand you can use it to lure and trap the pests with ease. 

But, keep in mind that these DIY solutions sometimes attract even more insects into your home, so be careful and empty the dishes frequently.

How to Choose the Best Fungus Gnat Traps?

So, there are many ways to capture gnats, but some solutions are better than others. 

While the vinegar and vine might work for a while they can be quite messy and attract even more bugs. So, here are a few things a good gnat trap has to have and why the glue traps are one of the most popular choices:

Safe Fungus Gnats Traps

There are many chemicals and pesticides on the market that will eliminate the pests from your home, but they are not safe for your family, pets, and plants. So, a good trap has to be gentle enough for the environment and efficient for capturing the gnats.

The glue used on the plant traps is strong but without any harmful chemicals, so your plants and your family are completely safe and most importantly bug-free.

Easy to Use Traps for Fungus Gnats

An excellent glue trap needs to be easy to use and dispose of once full. 

This is one of the reasons why plant gnats trap works so well in any environment and everybody can use it in their homes. They are easy to install and don’t need constant supervision, instead, they are a set-and-forget type of trap that only needs to be replaced once in a while.

Efficient Gnats Traps

The perfect trap you are looking for needs to be efficient. 

Though gnats are not the best flyers they are persistent and resilient so the trap needs to be effective and strong. This means high-quality glue to hold the insects of various sizes trapped and a long-lasting effect that remains sticky for a long time.

Bug-free home and healthy plants without fungus gnats

Final Thoughts

For that beautiful and bug-free home that you want, there are many solutions on the market. So, besides making the environment clean and getting rid of all the things that attract fungus gnats, you should use effective and simple glue traps.

With the right fungus gnat trap, you can be sure your plants are safe, and considering no pesticides are used, your family and pets will be safe as well.

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