EcoPest Supply™ Advantage

Early Detection.

The EcoPest Supply™ Bed Bug Blocker | Series interceptor traps are effective at early detection of bed bug infestations, which is essential for preventing an infestation from getting out of hand. Using our Bed Bug Blocker | Series traps can also prevent the premature termination of bed bug treatment.

Easy to Use.

Bed Bug Blocker | Series traps are an easy passive tool for detecting the presence of bed bugs. Once in use, these interceptor traps work around the clock with minimal effort required.

Safe and Eco-Friendly.

Bed Bug Blocker | Series traps are toxic-free and chemical-free, so they are safe to use in your home.Early detection of a bed bug infestation is highly desirable for obvious reasons.

Bed bug interceptor traps are an easy, affordable tool for detecting an infestation, and are widely considered to be one of the best methods  for detecting low-level pest activity.

Using the Bed Bug Blocker | Series traps can help confirm bed bug infestation suspicions in your home. These traps provide a safe option for identifying a problem as well as for determining the efficacy of treatment and should be used as part of a well-devised treatment plan.