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Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) — 4 Pack
Bed Bug Interceptors— 4 Pack
Bed Bug Interceptors — 4 Pack Online
Online Bed Bug Interceptors— 4 Pack
Traps Bed Bug Interceptors— 4 Pack
Bed Bug Blocker Traps
Bed Bug Blocker Traps White
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bed bug interceptors trap monitor detector bed bug blocker pro 4 pack ecopest labs white

Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) — 4 Pack | Interceptors, Monitors, and Traps

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Bed Bug Blocker (Pro)

Protect your home and your family against unwanted infestations with Bed Bug Blocker (Pro)™ interceptor traps. These traps provide an easy, reliable solution for detecting and protecting against bed bug infestations.

Monitor for activity where bed bugs are known to travel and prevent access to your bed. Textured exterior walls make it easy for bed bugs to climb in and slippery interior walls prevent them from climbing out. Simply, place the traps under your bed legs or furniture posts and rest easy.

    Features & Specifications

    Target Species Bed bug (Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus)
    Product Name Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) — 4 Pack
    Directions For Use
    1. Remove all units from box.
    2. Place one unit under each furniture leg and ensure legs are securely placed in the center of the traps.
    3. Bed bugs will try to climb up or down furniture legs into the traps but will be unable to climb out.
    4. Occasionally, inspect inside and underneath traps for presence of bed bugs and/or other pests.
    Material Polypropylene
    Size Each interceptor trap has an interior diameter (where the furniture leg goes) of 4 inches. The height of each interceptor is 1 inch, and the total diameter is 6 inches.
    Available Quantities 4, 8, 12-Packs
    Available Colors White, Black
    Shipping Weight 0.79 lbs (4-Pack), 1.44 lbs (8-Pack), 2.1 lbs (12-Pack)
    Pet Safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
    Child Safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
    Storage For reuse, ensure product is free of debris and store in a dry place.
    Disposal Place product in a tightly sealed plastic bag and discard in trash bin outside of home.
    Brand EcoPest® Supply
    SKUs BBB-P-0001, BBB-P-0002, BBB-P-0003, BBB-P-0004, BBB-P-0005, BBB-P-0006
    EPA Establishment Number 93048-CHN-1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Lisa Dennis
    A must have to get rid of bedbugs.

    This is a must have product if you want to get rid of bedbugs. Without you to bite on the will die and you can sleep well knowing there is nothing crawling in your bed with you.

    Daryl Carter

    Everything was delivered just fine.

    Worked just fine

    Caught a few bugs in the first night I had these on.

    Search no more - trap the abominable bugs!

    These do exactly what they claim. The exterior wall is rough which allows bugs to crawl up. They get trapped in the ridge because the interior wall next to your bed’s legs is very slippery. I purchased the white ones, and haven’t seen any bugs yet. My place was treated beforehand and I bought them for peace of mind.

    I like this product!

    I used this product to prevent from getting bed bugs. So far no more beg bugs.