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What Is a Diatomaceous Earth Duster and How to Use It on Pests?

Diatomaceous Earth Duster

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If you are dealing with a pest infestation in your home and garden and want to find the best eco-friendly solution for your problem, we have good news. All you have to use is a high-quality diatomaceous earth sprayer with the non-toxic powder inside, and you are good to go.

Many people are unfamiliar with diatomaceous earth (DE) powder or the DE duster. Still, we are going to discover all the benefits this compound can bring you and the best way to choose a proper dust applicator for your home.

So, let’s dive right in and discover the eco-friendly and precise way to get rid of all pests in your home.

Diatomaceous earth powder.

What Is a Duster for Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth powder duster applicator is a simple tool you can use to precisely apply the powder or diatomaceous earth where it’s needed. 

Diatomaceous earth is a powder produced from fossilized algae sediment found in pools of water. Because these algae cells were high in silica, the dried dust created from these fossils is similarly high in silica.

This silica found in the powder dries out any surface, including the waxy outer layer of an insect's exoskeleton.

Considering how efficient the DE is with dehydration and the ultimate elimination of pests around your home, many people use it to fight roaches, ants, bed bugs, and more. But, just like any other fine powder, the application can be quite messy and inefficient.

To ensure that the powder is applied only to certain areas, you can use the DE powder duster. 

The diatomaceous earth dust spreader is created to disperse the powder in all the crevices, cracks, and corners with ultimate precision using the wide-angle nozzle for accurate spraying. In addition, the diatomaceous earth puffer has a transparent bulb where you can pour in the powder and monitor the amount being dispersed.

Diatomaceous earth powder and pests in the home and garden.

How to Use the Diatomaceous Earth Powder Duster in Your Home?

Diatomaceous earth sprayer is very easy to use and refill. 

All you have to do is choose the appropriate powder for the pest you are trying to eliminate and spray the surfaces. The powder duster can be assembled and used in a few simple steps:

1. Open the container bulb

This can quickly be done by detaching the spraying nozzle or powder duster applicator by unscrewing the lance from the connector piece which is attached to the bulb. The bulb is transparent, so you will be able to see how much powder is in the container.

2. Refill the bulb

Use the collapsible funnel to refill your diatomaceous earth dust spreader easily. This way, you will avoid additional mess and spills.

3. Attach the spray nozzle

Once the bulb is almost full with the powder of your choice, you can close the tool by screwing the lance back into the bulb.

4. Spray the powder

Your diatomaceous earth applicator is ready to go. Find the places pests usually hang around and precisely spray the powder where it’s needed.

Remember that powder dusters can be used with bed bug powder, boric acid, and other natural powders besides diatomaceous earth. This is why a duster can be a great way to deter unwanted pests from your garden and in-home without fearing the harsh chemicals. 

When combined with other tools such as bed bug interceptors and fly traps, you can ensure your house is bug-free and safe.

Diatomaceous earth powder duster.


How to Make a Duster for Diatomaceous Earth?

Many people make the dust sprayer for diatomaceous earth out of simple plastic bottles with a few holes in the lid. While this might sound like a good idea when you come across pests in your home and garden, it’s not the most reliable solution.

Fine powders such as diatomaceous earth are easily spilled all over the place, so using high-quality and precise powder dusters is the best way to apply any natural powder.

When dealing with persistent pests in your home, you need to make sure you apply the powders in suitable locations if you want your technique to be efficient. Considering pests are tiny and hide in tight gaps in the wall and floor, your duster needs to be able to reach those places. This is why using tried and tested powder applicators is the best way to get rid of pests.

How to Choose the Best Powder Duster?

There are a few high-quality powder dusters on the market, our favorite, of course, being the EcoPest Powder Duster.

Depending on your needs and the severity of pest infestation, you can use the appropriate diatomaceous earth blower in your home and garden. Keep in mind that it’s essential for the duster to be precise, have a long nozzle, and don’t clog up quickly.

In case you have more extensive surfaces you want to spray, or you want to ensure no pests are present in your organic garden, you should choose a powder duster with a large container. This way, you can single-handedly spray all the surfaces you want to without needing to refill the bulb often.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to use non-toxic and pesticide-free powders that will be deadly to bugs and pests but entirely safe for your family and pets. So, whether your infestation is large or small, or if your primary use is for indoor pest control or outdoor organic gardening, it is important to have a high-quality powder duster applicator in your toolset.

Diatomaceous earth powder for pest control.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with pests such as roaches, bedbugs, flies, or others is never a pleasant task. However, with the right tools, you can efficiently resolve any infestation in your home or garden and ensure a bug-free environment.

For the best application of various powders and non-toxic diatomaceous earth, always consider high-quality dusters. These small gadgets are all you need for a precise and mess-free application of the products.

In addition to the powder duster, always consider what else you can use around your home to eliminate bugs and pests. It’s always a good idea to combine multiple products and tools if you want to see the results fast and deter the pests from coming back.

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