What Are "Bed Bug Interceptors"?

Bed Bug Interceptors

Bed bug interceptors, such as the Bed Bug Blocker Series interceptor traps, are among the most useful devices on the market for monitoring and managing suspected and known bed bug infestations. Bed bug interceptors are simple devices which rely on two simple principles:

1. Bed bugs are not very good at climbing slippery, vertical surfaces; and

2. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide.

As a result, bed bugs are known to travel up and down bed posts while humans are sleeping and emitting carbon dioxide. Bed bug interceptors (also known as bed bug isolators and pitfall traps) such as the Bed Bug Blocker Series interceptor traps, consist of plastic dishes large enough to surround a bed post, with a slippery, outer “moat” designed to catch and retain bed bugs.

Effectively, sleeping humans serve as "bait" to attract bed bugs into the slippery outer well where they are unable to escape.

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