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How to Find the Best Exterminators in 2023?

Pest exterminators in home inspections.

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Dealing with any kind of pests is not easy, and most people want to remove the uninvited visitors as soon as possible so they rush to call the nearest exterminators. But, this can be a mistake that will cost you a lot of time and money.

Even though a pest infestation might look urgent and it’s always unpleasant, you should take a few days to consider your options and find the best exterminating company for your needs and your budget. 

That’s why we have a detailed post on all the pest control questions you might have and many tips and tricks that will help you understand and find the best pest control companies. This way you will be able to make an informed decision and find just the right services you need.

Pest management

When to Hire Pest Control Professionals?

Before we dive into the best ways to find and evaluate pest management companies, we need to take a closer look at the infestation you might be dealing with. As mentioned before, it’s not easy to see bugs or rodents in your home or apartment, but one roach running across the kitchen floor is not a good enough reason to hire professionals.

There are many DIY solutions and traps you can use to monitor, control, and manage pests such as roaches, silverfish, and even bed bugs. But, if you notice the situation is not improving or there is considerable damage to your property, items, or health concerns you should call professional exterminators to help you.

How to Find the Best Exterminators?

There are many exterminator companies on the market, but they are not all the same and don’t offer the best value for offered services. That’s why finding the best pest control services takes time if you want to avoid spending too much money and still having problems. 

First of all, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to find the best exterminators and make a list of potential candidates.

  • Explore the website
  • Before declining who to call and ask for evaluation you should browse the internet and find reputable sites for local exterminators. Explore the official pages, what the exterminator company is offering, what are the prices, and if the whole thing looks professional and polished. Exterminators need to be experienced and dedicated workers, and if the site doesn’t offer too much information or it looks sloppy it might be a good idea to move on with your search.

  • Read online reviews
  • One of the best ways to find the right exterminators is to see what others are saying about them. Rely on reputable sites and resources for this information, and always read the positive and the negative experiences before making the final decision. Highly ranked pest management companies usually have a lot of real-people positive reviews, so it’s a good idea to consider them first.

  • Get recommendations
  • One of the best advertisements in the industry is mouth-to-mouth recommendation, so you can use the same strategy to find the best exterminators for your pest infestation. Ask for honest recommendations from your family and friends, and even call people you know who had the same pest problem you are dealing with. This will help you add new or remove some of the exterminator companies from your list. 

  • Ask for free estimates
  • A lot of pest management companies offer free estimates when you call them to evaluate the situation. Don’t be afraid to ask multiple exterminator companies to give you their quotes and then compare the prices with the services offered. This is one of the best ways to evaluate what companies fit your budget the best and what you can expect from the service.

  • Take your time
  • Even though the bed bugs might be biting you, or the silverfish might scare you at night, take a few days to discover the best pest control, understand their services, and go for the best plan that fits your budget and needs. 

    In the meantime, look for some solutions to fight the pests on your own until the professionals take over.

    Pest exterminators using the right pesticides.

    How to Select the Best Pest Control Services?

    Now that we are familiar with some basic ways to create a list of potential exterminators, you can move on to the actual selection. This process might take some time, but keep in mind that most infestations are not that urgent and you will save a lot of money with the right pest control company.

    Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right exterminating services:


    The pest control company you choose needs to have the right professionals, tools, methods, and experience for the pest you are dealing with. Some exterminators are focused more on termite control while others manage rodent control. There are a few reputable pest control companies that will help you eliminate most pests, but it’s always a good idea to ask if the company deals with the pests you currently have.

    Pest control businesses with years of experience are often the best solution, even if the prices might be slightly higher. This is because they have decades of accumulated knowledge and the right professionals who know how to get rid of pests in no time. On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes new pest control companies offer even better services and results, along with more affordable prices, so it’s worth taking some time and finding the best value-for-money option.


    It’s not enough to call the first exterminators that pop up in your ads, because you need to look for reputable and reliable services. Even though the exterminator teams might make it look like a routine, the actual exterminating process is very dangerous and most companies use pesticides to finish the job. That’s why you need a reliable and professional team in your home and there is no better way to choose the right company than searching for reputation and reference records.

    You can ask for recommendations as mentioned before or even contact the State and Territorial Pesticide Agencies to find out more information. 


    Before hiring any professional exterminators make sure they have all the required qualifications, documents, and certifications that will ensure the optimal results and safety of you and your family. 

    You can ask the company you are considering to show you the required documentation or call the state pesticide regulatory office for more information.

    Pest exterminators licenses and quality control.

    Customer service

    While professional exterminators will be dealing with pests, it’s very important that they have representatives and technicians who are skilled and provide the best customer service. During the initial evaluation you can ask a few questions we’ll mention below, and see if the technicians really know how to deal with the problem and if you might have additional options that are not listed on the site.

    Pristine customer service can make all the difference so make sure you are getting the most for the money spent.


    Many people decide on the best exterminator companies purely on the price, but this is a tricky way to make your decisions. Even though it’s a good idea to shop around for the best price, and ask many pest control companies for their quotes, you should consider the services, customer relationships, reviews, and all the things we mentioned before to make the best call.

    Don’t be fooled into quotes that are based solely on the number and gallons of pesticides spent, as this is not the only factor that will influence the price, and some pests such as termites will require so much more insecticide. Instead, ask for a price breakdown so you know what you are paying for.


    Safety is the number one priority when it comes to dealing with pests and hiring exterminators. You need to be familiar with the methods and chemicals used during the pest control process and always follow the instructions provided by the company and technicians. 

    Questions to Ask Pest Control Company Representatives?

    Don’t be afraid to ask many questions even before you decide on the right exterminating company for you. People often don’t know the right questions to ask, so we have a detailed list provided that will help you get all the information you need to feel comfortable with the service and be confident you made the right choice.

    1. Do you have all the licenses?

    This is an extremely important question to ask, so don’t assume the technicians have all the mandatory licenses and request that the company provides you with all the certifications and licenses for the supervisor who will monitor the pesticide application process.

    If you still want to make sure all the licenses are legit you can call the State Department of Agriculture and check.

    2. How much training and experience do you have?

    Some pests are more common than others, and some exterminator companies are focused more on certain insects or rodents. So, it’s best to find out if the technicians know how to deal with the pests you have issues with and how much training was provided over the years. 

    Always go for professionals who have more experience as it’s going to save you time and money in the long run. Beware of false advertisements and claims that the States Department of Agriculture is endorsing them because they will not do this. Instead, ask for proof that they have the right training and the experience you expect.

    3. What pest control treatments do you use?

    Most pest control companies have a plan and method developed for every pest they might encounter and have dedicated treatments and products that have proven to be the most effective. So, you need to ask the representatives and technicians about the solutions, pesticides, and even possible eco-solutions that they might use, and ensure they know what is the best way to deal with the infestation.

    4. Is the treatment safe for my family and pets?

    Depending on the type of pest you are dealing with and the severity of the infestation the exterminators might use different products and chemicals to eliminate them from your home. While most pesticides are dangerous in direct contact you also need to make sure you and your family are completely safe once the extermination is complete and the safety recommendations are fulfilled.  

    So, before signing any contracts or agreeing to any services make sure to ask about the safety measures and follow their advice on handling the entire process. There are no “secret” ingredients and formulas the exterminators can advertise or use, everything needs to be transparent and approved by authorities. 

    5. Do you offer some guarantees?

    Some pests are more persistent than others, and some take a few treatments to be completely eliminated from your home. The best way to ensure long-term results and a pest-free home is to ask if the exterminator company has some money-back guarantees or any other way to revisit your home if the pests come back.

    Most companies want to ensure their clients are satisfied so they will offer to cover additional treatments if they are needed. 

    Pest control technician in home.

    Final Thoughts on Pest Control

    This detailed post aims to help you find the best pest control company that will understand your problem and offer the best solution at reasonable prices. But, considering there are so many exterminators on the market and that the chemicals used are very potent it’s crucial to get familiar with the topic as much as possible and really make the most informed decision. 

    To recap:

    • Always ask questions
    • Find the recommendation from reputable sites, friends, and family
    • Shop around for the best price-service ratio
    • Ensure the safety of your family and pets
    • Follow instructions and recommendations

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