What Are Bed Bug Interceptors?


Bed bug interceptors or "pitfall traps" (such as the Bed Bug Blocker | Series) are simple devices used to monitor for the presence of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are incapable of climbing slippery, vertical surfaces. The Bed Bug Blocker | Series traps consist of plastic dishes that are big enough to set under a bedpost to create an outer moat that can capture bed bugs where they are known to travel. The interceptor moats have steep sides, making it nearly impossible for bed bugs to climb out.


Place the Bed Bug Blocker | Series cups under your bed posts, making sure the bed is not in contact with any walls or other furniture. In addition, ensure that your bed covers are not touching the floor. Bed bugs will climb up any available non-slippery surfaces, rendering the interceptors less effective. Bed Bug Blocker | Series products cups should also be placed under any sofas and furniture where bed bugs may hide. Bed bug infestations are not limited to beds and are, in fact, known to infest other areas of homes.

EcoPest Labs Bed Bug Blocker Interceptors

The EcoPest Labs™ Bed Bug Blocker | Series  products provide easy, reliable solutions for detecting the presence of bed bugs early and eliminating infestations naturally.  These ready-to-use traps can be installed in areas of concern to monitor for the existence of bed bugs, trap them where they live and roam, and block access to your bed and mattress, allowing for a tranquil night's sleep.

No more scratching and itching!

Bed bugs are known to climb up bed posts and furniture legs to access beds and other furniture. The Bed Bug Blocker | Series products are engineered to trap bed bugs before they can do so, keeping you and your furniture safe.

Thoughtfully engineered. 

Each Bed Bug Blocker | Series product is designed with textured exterior walls to allow bed bugs to easily climb into the trap and dual interior reservoirs with slippery walls to prevents bed bugs from climbing out. Each trap has flat outer walls to enable easy installation in corners and against walls, and a wide interior reservoir to fit underneath the posts of nearly all bed posts and furniture legs.

Monitor your pest problem around the clock!

Bed Bug Blocker | Series products can be used with other bed bug removal products, as appropriate, for purposes of determining which furniture remains infested following treatment.