ECOPEST Bed Bug Blocker (XL), Extra Large Bed Bug Interceptors, 4 Pack, White

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Product Features:

  • ✅ SLEEP EASY! 24/7 BEDBUG DETECTION AND PROTECTION — In addition to creating health risks and hazards, bed bug killer sprays and pesticides do not provide any mechanism for detecting the ongoing presence of unwanted pests. As a result, you are left in the dark as to whether your bed bug problem is growing. With the Bed Bug Blocker (XL), you can easily monitor your problem 24/7, and rest easy knowing that your bed and furniture will remain bed bug free!
  • ✅ EFFECTIVE, HEAVY DUTY, VERSATILE DESIGN — Eliminate your infestation once and for all! The Bed Bug Blocker (XL) bed bug interceptor fits nearly all furniture and beds, and is specifically designed to withstand heavier furniture such as large beds. In addition to use in homes and apartments, the Bed Bug Blocker (XL) can be used in hotels, hostels, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, and other residences.
  • ✅ ECO-FRIENDLY | NO CHEMICALS OR PESTICIDES — The Bed Bug Blocker (XL) offers a pesticide-free solution to your nagging bed bug problem! No additive chemicals or talcum powder are needed. Get rid of your infestation once and for all, without the need for bringing harmful chemicals or pesticides into your home!
  • ✅ QUICK, EASY SETUP — The Bed Bug Blocker (XL) traps are designed to be easily set up in a matter of minutes. Simply place the cups under the legs of your bed, table, couch, crib, chair, sofa, or other furniture. Bed bugs can easily climb in, but can't climb out!
  • ✅ EXTRA LARGE (XL) TRAP FITS LARGER BED/FURNITURE POSTS — Each box includes a set of four extra large, heavy duty Bed Bug Blocker (XL) interceptor traps. These traps are designed with a 7" x 5" interior reservoir to fit wider and larger bed and furniture posts.

Product Details:

EcoPest Labs | BED BUG BLOCKER (XL) - 4 PACK

Detect early, treat quickly!
▶ The Bed Bug Blocker (XL) insect killer and detector is purposely designed to detect and protect you and your living space against unwanted pests, such as Cimex lectularius (the common bed bug) and Cimex hemipterus.

Quickly identify your bed bug problem!
▶ Without taking proper detection measures, bed bug infestations can take weeks to identify. Bed bugs can go several days without eating, so unwitting victims may be unaware that their bites are part of a larger problem.

No more scratching and itching!
▶ Bed bugs are known to climb up bed posts and furniture legs to access beds and other furniture. The Bed Bug Blocker (XL) is engineered to trap bed bugs before they can do so, keeping you and your furniture safe.

Proven, effective design.
▶ Each Bed Bug Blocker (XL) bed bug catcher is designed with textured exterior walls to allow bed bugs to easily climb into the pitfall trap and dual interior reservoirs with slippery walls to prevents bed bugs from climbing out. Each deadfall trap has flat outer walls to enable easy installation in corners and against walls, and a wide interior reservoir to fit nearly all bed posts and furniture legs.

Monitor your pest problem around the clock!
▶ The Bed Bug Blocker (XL) can be used with other bed bug removal products, as appropriate, for purposes of determining which furniture remains infested following treatment. In addition to adding an extra line of defense against unwanted pests, the dual-reservoir interior design allows you to identify which direction bedbugs are crawling and determine whether your furniture or bed has been compromised.

EcoPest Labs | Proven. Effective. Durable.

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Manufacturer: EcoPest Labs

Item Model Number: BBB-XL-0001